Using cooked oatmeal in quickbread or other sweets/snacks

I made a big pot of oatmeal (regular rolled oats), but appear to be the only one in my household eating them. What can I do with them so they don't go to waste, that isn't pancake-type of thing. Could I creatively add them to a quick bread? I understand subbing dry for dry, but am not accomplished enough to try subbing cooked oats in for something else without being told how to swap out another ingredient. Say, a carrot cake or apple bread or suggest something else...

  • Posted by: LaMar
  • April 12, 2021


Stephanie G. April 13, 2021
Pancakes with cooked oatmeal! There is a Kim Boyce recipe on the Smitten Kitchen website for her oatmeal pancakes. It's from her book Good to the Grain, and one of our family favorites.
Gammy April 12, 2021
Push come to shove... you could always freeze in single size portions. They should reheat via microwave easily.
Nancy April 12, 2021
There are existing recioes for sing leftover cooked oatmeal in cookies, muffins or quickbread, smoothies, breakfast bars.
Look for them online to get tried-and-true proportions and cooking times.
Nancy April 12, 2021
For using leftover cooked oatmeal
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