What's your favorite (online) source for bulk spices?

I'm about to do a whole bunch of infusing, and I'm just wondering if anyone has any sources for spices and dried herbs (including some potentially offbeat ones - like orris root, for example) that they really like.



Gammy January 24, 2019
My current favorite spice merchant is The Spice House in Milwaukee. The owners are the sister and BIL of the owners of Penzey's. They are great to work with and seem to have a larger and different selection of spices than Penzey's, not to mention their prices across the board are less. They also run specials you can get in on once you are on their emailing list.
Carrie January 24, 2019
Used Penzeys for years until the barrage of insulting political propaganda emails in 2016. Will not spend another penny there.
Victoria January 27, 2019
They're still sending out political propaganda in their newsletter. I was a new (and then un-subscriber).
Jason M. December 22, 2017
My ultimate champ when it comes to spices and dried herbs especially if you buy it in bulk is https://thespicepeople.com.au/
HalfPint October 17, 2017
I've been using Ebay lately. Not only can I find the more offbeat ones, I can also find my usual suspects in different "cuts" (sorry couldn't think of better terminology). For example, I was able to buy green cardamom seeds, not the whole pod, just the seeds. And soft cinnamon bark from Ceylon, not hard sticks but softer bark which I can crush with my bare hands. My stand-by is Penzey's but they often don't have the more exotic stuff.
thespicepeople46 October 7, 2017
I ordered mine at https://thespicepeople.com.au/ they're very awesome. My family love it everytime I cooked for them.
Deborah M. January 16, 2017
For organic, authentic Indian spices www.ancientindianspices.com Not bulk but extremely original and high quality.
Myla October 10, 2014
Orris Root?! What is that? I'm always looking for unique spices to try. I have been looking for a bulk source for black garlic and I stumbled on the SpiceJungle https://www.spicejungle.com - I think they're new. I'm not sure if this thread is still alive or not, but has anyone shopped there before?
Nancy January 16, 2017
As I remember, orris root acts as a preservative. Used it in a recipe for making pomanders (clove studded oranges).
Wendy October 16, 2017
Hi Myla! You asked this question quite some time ago. But, since I am familiar with the site you are wondering about I thought I would add an answer anyway. I recently placed an order at spicejungle.com for some dried chilis and mushrooms. The products arrived pretty quickly and were absolutely lovely. I also placed an order at their sister site beanilla.com and was equally impressed. I hope this helps!
Dan S. September 28, 2012
Penzey's is a great resource for spices though a bit more mainstream. A few things to keep in mind when ordering anything online - sourcing practices, quality and food safety standards. Penzey's in national, known and recognized. Their product quality is excellent and their food safety standard is very high (3rd party audit, etc.). You don't think about food safety when you sprinkle cinnamon on your french toast, but you should. I have recommended Penzey's to industry friends and colleagues when their needs are large and small.
Nancy January 16, 2017
Used to like and recommend Penzeys, but don't since owner used his newsletter after Nov 2016 election as a soapbox.
jsgs September 26, 2012
Teriffic prices!
AntoniaJames September 28, 2012
Wow, I'm so glad to know about this. Their spice selection is not extensive, but I like that they sell broken Saigon tea, and you're right -- overall, their prices for teas and spices seem quite reasonable. Thanks for posting the link! ;o)
fiveandspice September 21, 2012
Thank you SO much, everyone, for all these helpful suggestions!
QueenSashy September 20, 2012
Kalustyan's. I buy a lot of my spices from their NYC store, but they also have them online http://kalustyans.com/default.asp. Just checked and they have orris root.
Panfusine September 20, 2012
Savory spice shop, they have a store in Princeton and its a godsend for all things spicy & sweet!

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avimom September 20, 2012
penzeys.com! Penzey's is a family business based here in Milwaukee and they have THE BEST customer service. They are also very good to the community, sponsoring things and giving money. I often wander into their store, become intrigued by some new spice combo I hadn't previously thought of, and then buy it and spend the rest of the day looking for recipes.
Diana B. September 20, 2012
myspicesage.com With a minimum order, there's always a bonus something-or-other - I usually wait until the bonus is vanilla beans!
msdianer September 20, 2012
I think the Arora Creations line is pretty amazing for their organic Indian spices. www.aroracreations.com

I'm pretty sure they do bulk too.
hardlikearmour September 20, 2012
World Spice Merchants has some great stuff. http://www.worldspice.com/
Mountain Rose Herbs carries orris root in addition to culinary and medicinal herbs. I have not ordered from them. http://www.mountainroseherbs.com/
Pegeen September 20, 2012
I also found World Spice to be very good. And their customer service was very helpful when I needed it.
pierino September 20, 2012
I don't know about orris root but I like http://www.culinarydistrict.com/ for things like fennel pollen and porcini mushroom powder. This is the on-line identity of Surfas down in LA (Culver City actually)---combination "gourmet" and restaurant supply.
AntoniaJames September 28, 2012
What a great resource, pierino! Thanks for posting the link. ;o)
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