Can I substitute white sugar for a portion of the brown sugar called for in a recipe? I have about half of what I need here.

  • Posted by: Karin_D
  • March 7, 2011


IlovePhilly March 7, 2011
I sometimes add molasses to white sugar to compensate. Works great with my famous giant chocolate chip cookies!
boulangere March 7, 2011
Oh they're beautiful, and thank you so much for the link!
Karin_D March 7, 2011
Definitely! I'm just a sucker for whoppers who's trying to get some work done at the same time :) ...
boulangere March 7, 2011
Please let us know how they turn out, and save one for me!
Karin_D March 7, 2011
Thank you all! It's for a blondie recipe.
boulangere March 7, 2011
You can, but you'll need to adjust the baking soda. It's there to neutralize the acid in the molasses in the brown sugar. If you have about half the amount of brown sugar you need, leave out half the amount of baking soda called for. Alternatively, make up the difference with honey and leave the baking soda as is.
beyondcelery March 7, 2011
Yes. It'll change the flavor somewhat and may change the consistency slightly, but should be just fine. If your brown sugar measurement is "packed," just substitute an equal amount of white (don't add extra to make up for it not being "packed").

Brown sugar has more moisture than white sugar, so depending on your recipe, you may notice things are slightly drier than usual.
ChefJune March 7, 2011
It all depends upon what the recipe is. Without knowing more about it, it's pretty hard to say.
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