Chocolate chip cookies without brown sugar

I'm at my parents' house making them toll house chocolate chip cookies. They don't appear to have brown sugar and going out to get some is not an option today. They do have molasses and dark corn syrup (and white sugar). Should I substitute just white sugar? Add some molasses? I want to make sure they turn out well. Thanks!



MTMitchell August 28, 2013
Thank you!!! I did the darker version and just tasted (several times...) the dough and it's perfect. These are my dad's favorites so I really appreciate the help getting them right in spite of the brown sugar disappearance!
Mi B. August 28, 2013
That would be if you need dark brow sugar. For light brown sugar use half a tablespoon.
Mi B. August 28, 2013
Good thing you have molasses. You can add a tablespoon of it per cup of white sugar.
Go make some good cookies : )
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