Need catchy title for my cooking class

I'm planning a few cooking classes for "healthy Thanksgiving side dishes" but need a much more enticing title than that! Who's got ideas for me?

Beautiful, Memorable Food


Beautiful, M. September 26, 2012
Thanks for all of your answers-- lots of food for thought ;)
luvcookbooks September 26, 2012
Maybe "In Recovery: 12 Sides for a Healthier Feast"?
luvcookbooks September 26, 2012
Just to be perverse, I am drawn to the word Healthier. A chronic illness in our family is making me revamp our diet and healthy means I can learn something. I am addicted to bacon, white foods like rice and pasta, butter, cheese and french fries and falafel... maybe you could have a title like "In Recovery from Sweet Potato Casserole and those Green Beans with Onions from the can"?
Kristen W. September 26, 2012
How about Healthy Sides That Don't Taste Like S***"? ;)

(a bit prosaic, I know...)
Greenstuff September 26, 2012
Anyway, maybe "Memorable Thanksgiving Sides."
Greenstuff September 26, 2012
So true, that word "healthy" for a cooking class. When a new friend told me she taught cooking class, specializing in "healthy," my first thought was "ugh." What was up?! It turned out I loved everything she offered.
bigpan September 25, 2012
Turkey trytophane - eat and sleep !
pierino September 25, 2012
I agree with Boulangere on the use of the H bomb. Maybe something like, "When Life Gives You Turkeys...Make Tetrazzini, or Croquettes". I cook and teach cooking where I live and any time I see "Healthy" on another cook's menu I already know it's going to taste like s........
gotligirl September 25, 2012
Sides You'll Give Thanks For! :)
Beautiful, M. September 25, 2012
Oh, very nice, thanks!

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boulangere September 25, 2012
I hear you; whenever I use the word "healthy" in either the title or the description of a class, it's the kiss of death. Everyone wants to do it, but no one wants to say it. How about A Kinder, Leaner Thanksgiving?
Beautiful, M. September 25, 2012
Yes, anything but the "H" word! Thanks!
HalfPint September 25, 2012
Gobble, Gobble, Gobble: Heathly Turkey Day Sides
Beautiful, M. September 25, 2012
Great, thank you!
Dona September 25, 2012
How about Beautiful Memorable Food (:
Beautiful, M. September 25, 2012
Ha! Why didn't I think of that? Thank you.
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