What's the best healthy- vegan/vegetarian- cooking class or school in NYC

  • Posted by: Bemidji
  • October 22, 2012


Devangi R. October 29, 2012
One more vote for Natural Gourmet Institute..
Ewan October 28, 2012
I use CourseHorse to find cooking classes in NYC and they now have an entire section on veg/veagan classes in the city. http://coursehorse.com/nyc/classes/healthy-cooking

Here are some great ones, thought the site lists many of the ones suggested above, like those at Brooklyn Kitchen.
1. Winter Veg Soups at Home Cooking NY - http://coursehorse.com/nyc/classes/healthy-cooking
2. Intro to Veg Cooking at Bhagavat Life - http://coursehorse.com/nyc/class/introduction-to-vegetarian-cooking
3. Vegetarian Pantry at Purple Kale Kitchenworks - http://coursehorse.com/nyc/class/vegetarian-workshop
Anitalectric October 23, 2012
To me, healthy and vegan are not necessarily synonymous. Everyone's idea of "healthy" is different, so I'm not sure if these will interest you. I tend to think about flavor first, so the classes I can recommend are all vegan, and all delicious, but not necessarily health food oriented. Plus, they are all taught by friends of mine who are fun, awesome, and most importantly, authorities on vegan cooking!

1. Chickpea & Olive "Burgers & Beers" class at Haven's Kitchen: http://www.chickpeaandolive.com/cooking-classes.html

2. Terry Romero's "Hands on Pie Baking" class at Brooklyn Kitchen:

3. Chitra Agrawal's "South Indian Home Cooking" class at Brooklyn Brainery. http://brooklynbrainery.com/courses/south-indian-home-cooking
Monita October 23, 2012
The Institute of Culinary Education (ICE) also offers some very good classes on vegan/vegetarian cooking
Kristen M. October 22, 2012
I've heard good things about the Natural Gourmet Institute: http://naturalgourmetinstitute.com/
ChefJune October 23, 2012
The Natural Gourmet Cookery School is the ONLY vegetarian cooking school in New York, afaik. They enjoy a fine reputation.
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