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Best way to clean le creuset pots?

  • Posted by: Miriamm
  • September 26, 2012


Panfusine September 26, 2012
I use that special Dawn that comes in a small blue squirt bottle.. stains just clear out w/o any scouring
QueenSashy September 26, 2012
I have mine for 10 years and found them so easy to clean. I just use regular dishwashing liquid, and if something really sticks, leave it overnight. They still look like new, minus the stains inside, but as greenstuff said, they are unavoidable and you learn to love them.
Summer O. September 26, 2012
Le Creuset makes their own branded pot cleaner as well.
Greenstuff September 26, 2012
You can use a mild bleach solution if you want to get rid of stains. But they come right back, so I'd advise learning to love them.
pierino September 26, 2012
I use something minimally abrasive like Bon Ami. But if you have stuff that's really scorched on you may need to reach for the Comet. After a few years you are not going to care what the piece looks like anyway, as long as it does its job.
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