Need entree recipe for a crowd of approximately 75 chicken or pork, seafood maybe?

Co-hosting a 50th birthday party for a friend - have to make an entree for approx. 75 people...already have a chicken dish, a pork dish, meatballs, pasta dish, all the basics but trying to think of one additional dish...something different! Help please!

  • Posted by: SueH
  • September 28, 2012


SueH September 28, 2012
Although I don't eat it, the salmon sounds like a good idea, nice presentation. The Seafood Gumbo sounds fantastic too---my husband just suggested a seafood Jambalaya. I have too many choices, :) Thanks everyone! These are all fantastic!
Tarragon September 28, 2012
I love the salmon idea, but this shrimp dish is good warm, cold or at room temp
Jann September 28, 2012
Just added Seafood Gumbo, serving 50. Easy and different. Serve with rice and bread - DONE!
micook September 28, 2012
I would suggest Jacques Pepin's salmon roasted at 200 degrees for 40 (or so) minutes. The beauty of this is you can get whole sides, ask the fishmonger to take off the skin, and bake it right on the platter you're serving it on. He calls for herbs over it, but I prefer it with olive oil, salt and pepper, then when it's done, topped with his tomato, caper, onion sauce (sauvigot in his latest book). Made this for a crowd of 40 during the summer (with chicken and ribs) and it was a big hit. Plus, if it goes longer than 40 minutes it doesn't seem to affect it. It's very moist and works at room temperature, too.
cookbookchick September 28, 2012
You have no fish -- how about a whole poached salmon served cold (or room temp) with a selection of cold sauces?
SueH September 28, 2012
Both of these sound great...thanks so much! Still deciding also between a hot or cold dish...ugh, cold would be much easier. Thanks again!
Alyce M. September 28, 2012
If you can still get good tomatoes, this shrimp dish is pretty easy for a crowd:
sdebrango September 28, 2012
Fiveandspice did a delicious tuna noodle casserole
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