Do chicken and apples go well together? Like pork and apples? My fiance doesn't eat pork (eeek I know!) and I was going to make 2 dishes exactly the same one with pork and one with chicken thighs.

Madame Sel


nutcakes October 8, 2010
I can't say I've ever had chicken with apples. But something that does work equally well with pork and chicken are peaches. Too bad the season is just ending, but there is always frozen or good canned ones.
Bevi October 1, 2010
I've made a great chicken curry with apples, bananas, and celery.
Christina W. October 1, 2010
What great answers!
pierino October 1, 2010
Me? I'd probably be tempted to try duck breast and apples. You know, lots of crispy duck skin and unctuous fat.
anyone October 1, 2010
I have made this subtitution for the same reason and my answer would be yes! I serve a chunky carmelized apple and onion relish over the top of pork chops that also goes well over chicken. By the same token I also make chicken , apple,sage sausage that is popular as well.
drbabs October 1, 2010
Absolutely. I've sauteed apples and onions in butter, deglazed with a little apple cider, and added cream and butter to make a sauce and serve that with roast chicken or sauteed breasts or thighs. Having said that, if your fiance doesn't eat pork because he keeps kosher (or kosherish), he may not be so crazy about the milk and meat aspect.
Madame S. October 1, 2010
He's too amazing not to marry! I can turn a blind eye to the pork (and beef) "issue".

I thought about the chicken and apple sausages I've seen AFTER I posted the question. I'll be sure to post the recipe if it's a winner!

Thanks for your help!
AntoniaJames October 1, 2010
Billions of chicken-and-apple sausages are sold every year in the U.S. for a reason. The answer is, of course, YES!! I often substitute chicken thighs in pork recipes, by the way. Although pork gives a much different (and to my mind, better) flavor, it almost always works very well, especially when you're feeding someone who doesn't like and therefore won't miss the pork flavor. ;o)
Kayb October 1, 2010
I've done chicken and apples together several times; always thought they went wonderfully. You probably need to up the spice level just a tad, as the chicken thighs may not be quite as flavorful as your pork.

Your fiance doesn't eat pork? Are you sure this marriage can work? Don't know that I could live with a man who didn't eat pork....
Michael H. October 1, 2010
Chicken and apples can be great. Check out the Melissa Clark recipe at the bottom of this article:
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