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I'm looking for a recipe for a cookie that is very thin, flat (almost like a pancake) that is very flexible when it first comes out of the oven and can be shaped before it cools (i.e., drape it over a small bowl while cooling and it will take that shape). I don't even know the right name for these cookies, so don't know what to search for --can you help?



Droplet October 3, 2012
3 eggwhites, 5 1/2 Tbsp butter melted and cooled, 1 cup sliced/flaked almonds, 1/2 c flour,1/2 c fine granulated sugar
Oven at 375 F.Combine eggwhites and sugar in a bowl (whisk a few times just so the sugar can start disolving). Add the flour (sifted) and the butter. Stir in nuts. Spread in circles on a prepared cookie sheet. (Waxed paper is useful for peeling them later). Bake for 5 minutes or until lightly browned. You have about 30 seconds once you get them out of the oven to shape them as you wish before they harden. If they harden before you manage, you can return them in the warm oven and they will soften some from the residual heat. This particular recipe has quite a bit of almonds, but you can cut the amount in half if you want them to be more of an accent. Or you could use 1/2 cup finely chopped almonds instead.
Sadassa_Ulna October 3, 2012
Joy has a recipe called Maple Curls that I've made before and I would think you could add nuts to it.
Sadassa_Ulna October 3, 2012
Oops I take that back maybe, that particular recipe gets baked and cut into strips while warm and pliable. That probably isn't the technique you are looking for. I am guessing you want something that is dropped then baked into circles.
Sadassa_Ulna October 3, 2012
Joy of Cooking has a recipe called Curled Nut Wafers that uses 1/2 cup chopped nutmeats. It's the last recipe in the Cookie chapter (at least in the 1975 edition). You can send me a message with your email and I'll send it to you if you'd like. I would also think you could add sliced almonds to most recipes and not need to adjust anything.
SeaJambon October 3, 2012
Bless you all! These are the names I couldn't come up with!! Anyone have a recipe for one that includes sliced almonds??
Sadassa_Ulna October 3, 2012
Also look for "rolled lace cookies."
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What you're looking for is called a Tuile. http://www.food.com/recipe/belgian-tuile-cookies-425501
ChefOno October 3, 2012

Frico, pizzelle and tuiles are easily formable. I would guess a lot of butter-based cookies would be if made thin enough.

Nicole S. October 2, 2012
You can do that with fortune cookies, but I imagine you're looking for a different kind of cookie!
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