I made dill pickles an didn't notice they haven't sealed an noticed this about a week later an reprocessed them with new lids they sealed fine .now I am not to sure I should have done but I thought there in vinegar. In old days didn't they leave. Pickles in open jars an barrels ?

Kathy B
  • Posted by: Kathy B
  • October 7, 2012


MrsWheelbarrow October 8, 2012
Whenever you have doubts about food safety, it is best to dispose of the food to be certain... Keep in mind bochulism is tasteless, odorless, and often deadly. If there is garlic in your pickle brine, there is a higher possibility of food borne contaminants. If your pickle brine is simply vinegar and spices, there is less to worry about. Pickles kept in barrels are lacto fermented and have less possibility of bochulism. If I were you, I would dispose of the pickles.
JustSomeCook October 8, 2012
You know that it is better to be safe than sorry. You should toss them and make a new batch.

Hope that it wasn't your whole season's harvest.
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