In a pickle over pickling

I've made dill pickles a few times but no matter how much dill or garlic cloves I add, they never get close to the kosher dill taste I crave. They taste more bread and butter



jeinde October 2, 2016
Look on this site for lacto-fermented pickles. They are true kosher dills. As they aren't canned they only last for a couple of months in the fridge, but they are absolutely delicious.
MMH October 1, 2016
We made refrigerator dills & at first were disappointed with the flavor. We found that the flavor improved with time.
Trena H. October 1, 2016
Are the pickles you crave fermented or vinegar pickles? Perhaps you crave pickles that are fermented and are using recipes with vinegar. Just a guess...
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