Can i substitute soy milk for whole milk while making ice cream? Or will the result end in disaster?

  • Posted by: kayt
  • October 9, 2012


Couldn't B. October 11, 2012
You can also use a mix of soy milk and other things to make delicious dairy free ice cream. I have had great success using a mixture of almond milk, soy milk powder and oil to replace the fat missing from the whole milk and cream and keep the ice cream creamy. There are are bunch of recipes on my site if you are interested.
kayt October 11, 2012
Thanks! That is really helpful! I don't love the coconut flavor, so that'll be a great alternative.
Marian B. October 10, 2012
Kayt, if you're looking for a milk alternative, maybe consider coconut milk. I've seen recipes for coconut milk ice cream before (there are a few on the site), and the times that I've tried it, I've loved it. It will significantly affect the flavor, however.
boulangere October 10, 2012
Coconut milk is wonderful in ice cream!
ChefJune October 10, 2012
It won't end up in disaster, but the fact there is no butterfat will cause the ice cream to crystallize and become rock-hard very quickly. In order to have the consistency you are looking for, you will have to serve/eat it all quite quickly.

It does not keep well.
Amanda H. October 9, 2012
Soy milk has a strong flavor (often sweetened) and different consistency. It's worth experimenting but I wouldn't expect them to come out the same way.
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