Can I substitute cornstarch for tapioca starch, and if so, can I substitute it 1:1?

Amanda Hesser


Lisa July 5, 2014
I have used cornstarch before in many receipes and found that as long as you mix it really well,there is no issue with freezing.
Kalani December 27, 2013
I know this question was over a year ago, but it's something I been trying to figure out for awhile now! Apparently tapioca is better than corn starch for pies that will be frozen, and I been making pies for friends/neighbors for awhile now. The demand is so high that I could almost quit my day job! lol But a big question is if they can be frozen... It's a corn starch based pie and apparently freezing cornstarch doesn't work well.. Thank Again! =)
hardlikearmour October 13, 2012
I think it'll work, though may have a slightly less chewy texture. It's gluten free, right? Maybe message beyond celery - she's great with gluten free baking..
hardlikearmour October 13, 2012
Yes, for the most part. It is a 1:1 substitute. Cornstarch needs more heat to set and breaks down with acid more easily. If you have instant tapioca, you can blitz it in a spice grinder instead. What are you using it for?
Amanda H. October 13, 2012
Thanks! I'm making a clafoutis in Canelle et Vanille's new book.
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