Apple cinnamon cupcakes

Hi friends, the 4-year-old has requested these for his 5th birthday party. Anyone got a great recipe? Would prefer something that doesn't rely on frosting to be moist. Thanks!



plainhomecook October 16, 2012
Thanks everyone! We will do some testing and let you know what we think.
Monita October 16, 2012
Why not do a glaze made with the following 1 3/4 cups confectioners' sugar and 4 tablespoons orange juice. Then you can add some red or green food coloring for an "apple like" coloring.
Here's also a link for a yummy apple cinnamon cupcake recipe from Martha Stewart
Lindsay-Jean H. October 16, 2012
I always have success with recipes from The Cupcake Project. She has a few that might work for you:
Maybe this cupcake...
Or this cupcake...
Paired with this frosting...
jsdunbar October 16, 2012
A white cake/cupcake recipe with applesauce instead of oil/ butter (fat), & added bits of apple tossed first with a little four-to prevent sogginess-mixed with sugar & cinnamon should work well. When they come out of the oven you could shake on a thin layer of cinnamon-sugar mixture . Now I'm getting hungry.
ATG117 October 16, 2012
I would use a cinnamon cupcake recipe and mix in some finely chopped apples or dried apples cut cut into small pieces. I have not used a recipe for cinnamon cupcakes per say, but a quick google search does provide some. Alternatively, you can use your favorite vanilla cupcake base and simply up the spices.
Kenzi W. October 15, 2012
I'm trying to think of cupcakes for you, but can't stop thinking about this cake: I bet it would be amazing in cupcake form. (No frosting necessary!)
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