Cinnamon Bun recipe like Breads (ny)

Anyone know what would be a recipe similar to the flavor of Breads Bakery (NY) cinnamon buns? They also do a cinnamon sugar topping instead of a frosting type. Thank you!!!

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1 Comment

Nancy March 2, 2021
NakedBeet - not sure, but here's some detective work and speculation. From the photo I can see at Breads Bakery site, their cinnamon rolls look like bakery ones I had when growing up in Rochester NY (e.g., not so unusual). They also look relative short (low) compared to many which are an inch or more in height when baked. And, as you point out, they have a cinnamon sugar topping.
Couldn't find a copy cat recipe, but here are a couple recipes that look similar and somewhere to start.
When making yours, I would cut the rolls thinly before placing in baking pan and/or a shortish rise to give rolls relatively low in height.
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