Adding photographs?

How does one go about adding photographs to existing recipes? I just made a batch of jestei's gluten-free chocolate cookies and actually took a couple pictures of them. Now I am certainly not even moderately good at food photography, but these would not necessarily turn people off from making the cookies! Thought it might be nice to add one or two of them.

  • Posted by: WileyP
  • October 20, 2012
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WileyP October 20, 2012
You bet, Ryan - And thanks so much for the rapid response!
Ryan H. October 20, 2012
Hey WileyP, Unfortunately the site doesn't currently allow you to add photos unless you are the recipe owner. I agree, this would definitely be a great feature for us to build in the future. My wife made a delightful squash recipe from the site last night, and I was wishing for the same feature to share how ours turned out. Thanks for the feedback!
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