will a banana bread recipe made gluten free cook for the same amount of time as one with gluten?



beyondcelery June 11, 2011
My gluten-free banana bread bakes just about 50-60min, right about what a gluten-full loaf would. The amount of liquid in your recipe will make a different in bake time, so compare that to the gluten recipe's liquid. I find it's pretty safe to set my timer for 45min, then check every 10 or so after that. Remember: toothpick probes are a baker's best friend!
vvvanessa June 11, 2011
i read once in a list of gluten-free baking tips that one trick is to reduce oven temperature by 25 degrees and cook your bread for longer. i think it will depend also on the recipe itself, but one trick i use when i bake banana bread in general (i do this a lot) is i use mini-loaf pans instead of a standard loaf pan. i love that they cook significantly faster than a big loaf.
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