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For purposes of the current contest, is port considered a red wine?

asked by a Whole Foods Market Customer about 4 years ago
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added about 4 years ago

Port will be allowed as long as it's made from red grapes (there are some ports that are made from white grapes).

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added about 4 years ago

Thank you!

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added about 4 years ago

No. Port is considered a fortified wine. As Maddy noted, it can be either white or red. Ruby or Tawny, and then there are the vintages. Vintage Port is virtually always red.

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added about 4 years ago

I'm down with ChefJune here. Technically "Port" comes from Oporto in Portugal. California makes great wines but porto is not one of them. One of the reasons the English are so fond of port has to do with their neighbors the French, so during the Napoleonic wars the English would bring in wines from Portugal. Great with Stilton.