Buying red wine vinegar

What should one look for in red wine vinegar: something good but not over the top

  • Posted by: ATG117
  • January 15, 2015


ChefJune January 15, 2015
Several years ago, the IACP (International Assn of Culinary Professionals) held a blind tasting of a wide variety of red wine vinegars at all price points. The hands-down winner was Heinz! And I have to say that it's my preference when I'm making my (in)famous Chicken in Red Wine Vinegar Sauce. Other vinegars don't yield as succulent results. And the price is right.
cookbookchick January 15, 2015
Very interesting, June. Do you know if Pompeian was included in the IACP taste test? I am not finding it online.
cookbookchick January 15, 2015
I like Pompeiian best for general use. It's made in Baltimore and has an interesting back story. Check Wikipedia. The company started in Lucca, Italy, then began operations in Baltimore, MD, where it's been since 1906. For me, in Annapolis, this is local food, LOL! And aargersi, I too have many vinegars, oils, etc. Just proves you're "one of us"!
Patricia January 15, 2015
Pompeian ( the ridged tapered bottle mentioned by another poster) is highly rated in some studies posted online - Cooking Light, Washington Post - that might be a good place to start.
aargersi January 15, 2015
You know I usually have two - a basic one like, um - what's the brand in the tapered ridged bottle? That one for cooking, add-ins and such, and then an organic slightly fancier one for salad dressing. Please note I am psycho and have like 10 bottles of different vinegars, the same for oils, and just let's not talk about the "honey department" in my pantry. It's not normal.
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