What is the best use of chicken innards? I don't want to just throw then out..

Would love recipe suggestions or general recommendations!

Rachel Kerley


louisez October 26, 2012
I cook them for my cats, who are very appreciative -- much more so than others in my family.
allans October 26, 2012
I grind them and feed the dog. He benefits from the nutrition
Nili October 26, 2012
I agree with all of those great ideas above but I usually don't/can't wait to consume those delicious bits so I cook and eat them with my chicken. Neck, heart and gizzard are roasted right in the pan along with the chicken and are consumed by the chef as a reward. Liver, which is too delicate for the high temperature roasting I prefer for chicken, is sauteed with a little salt and pepper in a tiny cast iron pan which gets little other use. Cook the liver just long enough for it to firm up and it turns out creamy and delicious, like pate only without the wait (and work).

On the rare occasion that I am doing something other than roasting, I like to stick the innards on a skewer and grill them at high temperature like yakitori. Just add some salt or a swabbing of soy/sake/sugar and you are done.
Rachel K. October 26, 2012
Thank you! This is great!
ChefJune October 26, 2012
Use the livers for pâté or Tuscan Crostini. The gizzards and hearts are wonderful in your Thanksgiving gravy! Necks (and wing tips) go in the stock pot.
SeaJambon October 25, 2012
I save the liver and gizzards for my mother -- she likes to make pate out of them.
HalfPint October 25, 2012
Save the necks and use for stock. You can cut up the liver and gizzard and make Dirty Rice.
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