Roasting corn in its husk

I never prepare fresh corn. I'm roasting a chicken right now; can I just throw the corn in its husk in the oven along side the bird? Will it be cooked in about the same time (oven is at about 375ºF)?



WileyP October 31, 2012
If you are doing up to 4 ears, you can do it in the microwave, too. I find this the fastest and easiest way to "roast" corn when I'm not setting up for Mexican street corn or when I don't need/want grill marks on it:
-1) Without removing the husk or silk, place the entire ear of corn in your microwave oven. Set the timer for 3 1/2 to 5 minutes depending on your microwave's power. Let it run.
-2) When the microwave has completed its cycle, using potholders or oven mitts, remove the corn to a cutting board. Cut off the stalk end(s) of the ear(s) about 1/2" into the ear of corn. Lift the ear(s) of corn by the other end and let the ear(s) of corn simply fall out of the husk. It might take a shake or two to get them started, but they will fall out! When each ear emerges, it will be totally free of husk and silk.
vvvanessa October 31, 2012
Thanks, Sam1148. I ended up wrapping the corn in foil because it came from the market with the end trimmed. It turned out fine, though I think I slightly overcooked it. But enough butter and salt made that a non-issue.
Sam1148 October 30, 2012
I usually soak mine in salted water about an 1hour before roasting. I use a tall ice tea pitcher--especially for fall corn which can be not as sweet and plump. Superfresh corn in the summer doesn't need much tho.
But just putting in the oven is good too....sometimes, I'll peel and husk them leaving most of the husk intact (peeled like a banana) and season them with olive oil and seasoning salt and put the husk back on and secure with one of the removed outer husks like a string.
Kenzi W. October 30, 2012
You can just throw the corn in the oven, husk-on, yes. The time depends on how big your bird is, though -- corn in its husk takes about 30 minutes, so just time accordingly!
vvvanessa October 30, 2012
Thanks! I'll will aim for 30 minutes for the corn.
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