I suddenly miss what I know of as "arepas." They were always available in Panama supermarkets, pre-made: a thick ground corn cake with cheese that was griddle-cooked (I believe they are also found in Colombia, but names of foods can get confusing). Anybody know where I would start for sourcing the right type of corn (and what that type is)? I believe it's just this corn and water and cheese, but maybe there are other ingredients that people could enlighten me about? I never saw them made. I know I can just use a fresh white cheese and that's easy enough to find.



phyllis January 15, 2011
Was just going to post Mark Bittman's recipe for you, but I see that davidpdx has alreadt done it. I've made it a few times, and thought it was quite tasty. I don't know if it's as authentic as you are used to, but you could certainly tweak.
davidpdx January 15, 2011
Might also try Mark Bittman's recipe from a few years ago: Here is a link: http://nyti.ms/31m6nz
susan G. January 15, 2011
Goya makes "masarepa" -- specially treated cornmeal (masa) intended for arepas. Look at an Hispanic store, hopefully somewhere near you, or order online. My experience is limited, but I have tried a recipe that worked well, from www.andreasrecipes.com. She calles them Columbian Arepas. Now I'll look for enlightenment from other FPers.
GIOVANNI50 June 16, 2014
These are not the same as Venezuelan arepas which use white corn meal, and a different water to flour ratio. (1.5 to 1). DO a simple google or just use the direction in the back of the masarepa bag for great arepas. Don't forget the salt. A dash of melted butter into the dough makes the arepa even more delicious.
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