Best coconut milk

I'm making a Seafood Stew with yellow curry and coconut milk. The recipe calls for real coconut milk and there are soooooooo many on the market. Please recommend the best since it is such a main ingredient in the special stew. Thank You!!

  • Posted by: tbrooks
  • November 6, 2012


SeaJambon November 7, 2012
In Seattle, the Trader Joe's version is pretty nice.
tbrooks November 7, 2012
Thanks everyone!! Jade Mountain was recommended but I can't find it anywhere in Seattle.
Omeletta November 6, 2012
Thai Kitchen is great quality. I'm partial to Goya in a pinch though! Have never had any complaints :)
Sam1148 November 6, 2012
Thai Kitchen is good. There's another from the Asian market I first it seems 'cheaper'
And has a fat disk in the can. But the flavor is much better. The Thai Kitchen while good is more homogenous.
Ah..that one. Chaokoh.
@hardlikearmour (fist bump).
Greenstuff November 6, 2012
I used to make my own too, but now I stock Chao Koh.
AntoniaJames November 6, 2012
I make my own!! No funny tastes and much more cost effective. I use dry unsweetened coconut. ;o)

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hardlikearmour November 6, 2012
Chaokoh is my favorite.
Monita November 6, 2012
Thai Kitchen is a really good brand of coconut milk
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