Day-after Thanksgiving dinner ideas?

I'm responsible for cooking for my family (will be ten of us total) on Friday night. Any ideas for a interesting entree that will please everyone from finicky grandmother to gluten-free aunt to fussy middle-schoolers? We're cooking a small turkey so I don't plan to serve leftovers. Also, we'll be in south Georgia, with no gourmet grocers in the vicinity; ingredients need to be mainstream (though I'm not opposed to stowing some special spices away in my carry-on). Thanks!

  • Posted by: Hallie
  • November 9, 2012


Sadassa_Ulna November 9, 2012
How about a beef stew with carrots and potatoes? Lasagna? I made a simple sausage lasagna using rice lasagna noodles recently and it was liked by all, even my son who doesn't usually like rice pasta. DeBoles makes really good gluten-free rice lasagna noodles (and they're the no-cook type) although they might be difficult to find.
kimhw November 10, 2012
I needed to make lasagna for some gluten free and carb free people and used portobellos. I thin sliced the mushrooms on the mandolin and layered them like you would the noodles. A big green salad and you are done!
AntoniaJames November 9, 2012
Make a brisket or other pot roast. Cook it on Wednesday, cool and store it in its sauce, and it will be perfect on Friday. Cook some carrots in the reserved liquid on Friday, diluting if necessary. Remove the carrots, keep them warm and then reduce the sauce if necessary. Either way, slice the brisket and heat in the sauce before serving. Serve with boiled/lightly buttered white potatoes and peas or a salad. ;o) P.S. Let me know if you'd like my brisket recipe. I've typed it up but haven't had a chance to post it here, and won't for a few weeks.
drbabs November 9, 2012
Save the carcass and whatever little bit of meat you have left from the turkey and make this:
It's fantastic.
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