Ideas for a special birthday dinner picnic menu? (gluten free)

I'm cooking a fancy picnic dinner for my mother's birthday. We're going to the theater and there are some tables outside. I want it to be special and I'm stuck for some reason! The meal has to be gluten free for allergies. Lower carb preferred for my mom's diabetes. Something that looks beautiful but can travel in Tupperware and will taste great lukewarm....My mom loves all cuisines and doesn't mind a little spice. help??



HalfPint May 22, 2019
Maybe Persian kebabs?

Joojeh kebabs (grilled saffron chicken thighs) with grilled vegetables like here:

Kubideh (minced meat kebabs):

Serve with grilled vegetables, herbs, and rice,
Stephanie G. May 21, 2019
Frittata is a favorite picnic dish.
M K. May 20, 2019
Hummus and Veg with some kind of GF cracker are my go-to in this kind of situation. I second the recommendation for skewered meat, pre-grilled.

Also, if you haven't checked it out before, Liz Pruiett's recent-ish Tartine All Day is exclusively a GF cookbook and she has menu ideas for picnicking. Cannot recommend that cookbook enough!
Nancy May 20, 2019
Some mix and match items:
If your people tolerate and/or like buckwheat, corn or chickpea flour, make pancakes of them and use as wrappers.
Rice ...a biryani with vegetables, nuts and spices.
Skewered meat and vegetables with low carb, low sugar dipping sauces.
Corn on the cob (same caveats as above).
Quiche made with cauliflower rice crust.
Wine spritzer and/or no-alcohol punch.
Fruit salad.
Nancy May 21, 2019
PS Something like a ratatouille or another dish of roasted vegetables, served with your mother's favorite cheese as a side or topping.
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