Dinner party for 9 - braised chicken and side dish?

What's your fave braised chicken recipe for a dinner party, and what would you serve alongside it?



Foodelf November 11, 2012
I've made this Braised/Roasted Spatchcocked Chicken many times http://www.food52.com/recipes/8192_spatchcocked_and_braiseroasted_chicken and not only is it delicious. it looks great, too. For 9 people, I'd probably do 3 chickens (love those leftovers) Perhaps serve a vegetable tian and maybe crash hot potatoes or Dauphinoise potatoes.
QueenSashy November 10, 2012
This is a nice dish and can be also made ahead
And for the side dish, I would complement it with a medley of roasted potatoes and yams.
kimhw November 10, 2012
Coq au vin blanc with buttered egg noodles and green beans.
It's even better the next day!
gravy L. November 10, 2012
My favorite is braised chicken thighs with capers and parsley with an ultra simple pasta dish on the side.
The S. November 10, 2012
Here are some of my favorites:




sexyLAMBCHOPx November 9, 2012
Sam1148 November 9, 2012
A "Tagine" is good. With either preserved lemons, or using lemon zest, middle eastern spices. Seared and braised chicken thighs in a brasing stock of spices: Lemon zest (quick preserved lemons), ginger, cumin, allspice, cinnamon, cloves, Garlic, thyme, oregano; chopped tomatoes if you wish.
Served over couscous.
Other side dishes could be Greek style green beans. Dolmas, babaganoush and pita bread.
Greek salad with feta cheese, cucumbers, olives, red onions (very optional IMHO), and a good Greek vinegar or lemon based dressing.
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