How far ahead can I braise artichokes for a dinner party?

I am preparing Roman style artichokes for a dinner party and I would like to make them ahead of time, even if only a few hours earlier on the day of, and then reheat. Do I need to worry about texture, discoloring or loss of flavor.?



maryvelasquez February 22, 2013
Thank you! The artichokes are delicious. I'm unsure whether I have removed enough of the outer leaves, as some are a little tough. Do you think I should remove some more or continue braising. They have been cooked for 45 minutes.
pierino February 22, 2013
maryvelasquez, I'm glad they worked for you. My technique is similar to what Mario Batalli does (and which appals my neighbors). I rip off all the tough outer leaves, back to where they start to look a bit yellow. I cut off the top most part and then dig in there with a melon baller to remove the choke. Unfortunately you are not going to find the same artichokes here as you would in the markets they are often called "violetta" for their purple tinge. And that's where the extra work comes in using California globe artichokes. The outer leaves can be really tough. Myself, I'm not a big fan of the dip and scrape with teeth method of consuming a choke, even though that's what I was taught as a child. In Italy you would eat the whole thing. And that's the way it should be presented.
pierino February 19, 2013
First of all, brava. I love Roman style artichokes. They will easily hold for a day, refrigerated. As with most greens, Romans hammer the snot out of them. Be sure to trim all of the tough outer leaves, use lots of mint (nepetilla if you can find it, or penny royal) and be generous with the olive oil. Cover your serving vessel with cling wrap and refrigerate.
pierino February 19, 2013
...also be sure to hit them some lemon juice.
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