Can I use an oat cookie crust for an apple pie?

I need to make a gluten free apple pie for thanksgiving and instead of a standard GF pastry crust, I'd like to try to adapt the oat cookie crust from momofuku's crack pie. Do you think this would work, or is the apple filling too moist? Also, what GF flour would you toss with the apple filling to thicken in lieu of AP flour? Thanks!



bigpan November 15, 2012
Instead of a pie, maybe consider individual baked apples. Simply core and fill with the GF oat crumble, bake and serve. Top with some whipped cream and/or caramel sauce, sprig of mint and you don't have to worry about crusts, GF pie shells, runny pie after the first cut etc etc.
hardlikearmour November 15, 2012
I don't know about the crust. I'd consider an alternate route - what about doing more of a Dutch apple pie using the GF pastry crust and the oak cookie as a crumble idea for the top? Or even switching to a crisp/crumble instead of a pie and losing the bottom crust entirely. I don't generally add a thickener to apple pie, the pectin from the apples is typically sufficient. If you want to sub a thickener I'd go with tapioca flour/starch and use half as much as you'd use of flour.
hardlikearmour November 15, 2012
and by "oak" I meant "oat"!
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