Non-vegan/non-gluten-free Coconut pie crust

I'm looking to make a pie with a crust that has the flavor of coconut. I do not want to make a crumb crust. I also don't want to make a gluten-free crust. My standard pie crust recipe is all-purpose flour, 12 tbsp butter, and 4 tbsp shortening. Can I replace some of the AP flour with coconut flour, or replace the shortening for coconut oil, or can I incorporate shredded coconut into the dough?

Amy Watson Bish


Rachel July 8, 2016

I just had another thought... here is my recipe for pie crust, maybe you could use coconut rum shaken with ice instead of vodka if you don't have coconut extract on hand? That might give you a more subtle coconut flavor.. pineapple pie does sound delicious. Have you posted the recipe?
Amy W. July 8, 2016
Thanks again! The original recipe is from Allison Kave's "First Prize Pies" book: It uses fresh pineapple instead of canned pineapple. I'm not normally a pineapple person, but I loved this pie. I made it a second time adding a coconut whipped cream on top, using coconut cream instead of whipped cream flavored with coconut extract. It was so rich and delicious.
Rachel July 8, 2016
i think your best bet would be to incorporate the shredded coconut in the dough. However, I would not blind bake it because the coconut would brown too quickly and cover the edges with tin foil when it does start to brown. Coconut oil has a very low melting point and I'm afraid that your crust would end up with an odd texture if you used that instead of butter/shortening (I always use lard and butter). I also don't think it'd impart very much coconut flavor to your dough. I would also say that probably adding a coconut extract to the water when you combine it would give you a little more "bang for your buck" than coconut flour, which also wouldn't impart a lot of coconut flavor if that is the objective you're after here... may I ask what filling you're making to go with the coconut crust?
Amy W. July 8, 2016
Thanks, Rachel. It's a pineapple double-crust pie. I've made it before with just my regular dough recipe, but I was thinking of trying something different. I don't want a strong coconut flavor, just subtle.
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