Can I freeze my stuffing then reheat for Thanksgiving? Will it lose any flavor?



see November 18, 2012
Freezing your stuffing is the way to go. I do as the above post mentioned and thaw it the day before. I put extra broth on it and dot it with butter to brown it after taking the foil or casserole cover off. I fortify the stuffing with ground onions, celery and carrots. It remains moist and hides the veggies from some picky eaters!

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SandyLaFleur November 17, 2012
You mean bread stuffing I presume. Will it lose any flavor? no, not flavor. What you want to be concerned with is the texture and the style. I would not put frozen stuffing inside a turkey unless it was completely thawed, and the turkey is completely thawed. Add a few dry crumbs to the portion you are putting into the bird. But I think you could put it directly from the freezer into the roasting pan, after the turkey and excess juices are removed. It is bread, and I put frozen bread into the oven from the freezer. Cover it with foil if that is the soft style of stuffing you want, but I would crisp up the top, that is how I like it, and get some texture back that way. But another solution would be to thaw it completely and stir in extra dry stuffing mix/dry bread or panko crumbs to absorb the condensation from defrosting if you like it to be fluffy like it was first made. Then bake it again with some pan drippings. It would be no different than refrigerated stuffing made the night before, which is what I always do. think it is a great do ahead idea, you can do it this weekend.
Monita November 17, 2012
Yes you can freeze the stuffing, Make sure it's cooled completely before freezing and de-frost completely before re-heating. Flavor should be fine
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