I want to make a Turkey Roulade for Thanksgiving- Spanish style citrus marinated turkey with chorizo cornbread stuffing. Is that something, including stuffing that can be prepped the day before so it's ready to cook, or it is too risky for contamination?



nutcakes November 9, 2010
You might like to use the Saveur recipe as a guide. They stuff it the day before. Looks beautiful.
JessieLK November 1, 2010
great tip, thanks!
Aliwaks November 1, 2010
Jessie, My bestfriend Myrna makes what we call "turkey pork" though probably should be "pork- turkey" she marinates the turkey in Cuban pork marinade...lots of onions, garlic, bay leaves, oregano, sour orange, cumin, lime juice.

You can make the stuffing a day ahead, just don't stuff it and don't put any raw eggs or meat in there.

We made the turkey pork one thanksgiving and our stuffing, was cornbread, sourdough, chorizo, caramelized sweet plantains, caramelized red onion, and pine nuts... it was awesome.
anyone October 31, 2010
As long as the center of the stuffing gets up to the safe temp (160F). Stuffing ( a roulade) ahead of time (night before) should not be a problem as long as you take the temp ( with an insta read thermometer) before you pull it. After tying or pinning wrap well with plastic and refridgerate. When it's time to cook just season, sear, and finish in the oven to 160F. It should be great! My local health department approves of these procedures. Good luck!
pierino October 31, 2010
Yes, a roulade would be boneless and rolled up like a salami, it doesn't it the bird's cavity. I'm making one myself (no cornbread though). I like to open turkey breast like a book stuff it with pitted black olives and piquillo peppers and tie it up. I'd still make it in the morning to keep it from drying out. It doesnt take long.
JessieLK October 31, 2010
I thought this could be different due to the roulade /c I've seen similar at the butcher. Either way, I'm super paranoid about contamination, so I don't think I'll do it based on your recommendations, I'm just trying to get my MIL out of my hair ;) She's backseat cooker.

I'm going to do a hyrbid of this, and a roulade Jacques Pepin style- with the drumsticks still attached.



If you think it's safe let me know. Thanks for your help!!
nutcakes October 31, 2010
Just to clarify, I agree never to stuff a bird ahead. That is not safe. However, a roulade is a different situation.
nutcakes October 31, 2010
Can you point to the recipe so we see how it is prepared (and it sounds delicious!) The problem with stuffing a turkey ahead is that the chilled dressing in the interior will not get to safe 160F temperature by the time the turkey is done, so you can make people sick. For a roulade, it seems to me that it will not be a problem heating the turkey and stuffihg to 160 simultaneously, logic says, and you can test with a thermometer. I'd be sure turkey and stuffing are well chilled before combining, wrap in plastic wrap and keep in coldest part of the refrigerator. I would Also make it late as possible the night before so the storage time is relatively short.
JessieLK October 31, 2010
thank you!
Mr_Vittles October 31, 2010
Never! Never allow stuffing to sit in a bird for longer than necessary. It will lead only to problems. If you wish, prepare the components ahead, but do not actually allow the bird nor the stuffing to come in contact with each other until it time to cook the meal.
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