I have a Chinese soup recipe that calls for "4 oz. pork skin, rinsed and finely diced"...not quite sure what they are calling for...Pork fa

A Chinese dumpling soup calls for 'pork skin'....is that the same as 'fat back'??? rind of a ham???

  • Posted by: cookease
  • November 26, 2012


bigpan November 26, 2012
When a Chinese recipe calls for pork skin, they mean skin. Not the fat or meat under the skin.
Boil the skin pieces until fork tender, remove and scrape and discard and fat, the cut the skin into bite size ribbons.
Often served by itself as an appetizer with a dipping sauce, or as a garnish on soup when made crispy in the oven, or when soft in the soup.
pierino November 26, 2012
And, per bigpan's answer, to achieve this buy a piece of pork belly---much easier to find these days and you can always get it Chinese or Mexican markets. Use a sharp flexible boning knife to take off the skin. Everything else underneath is a bonus.
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