Suggestions for ice cream ingredients starting with the letters "A", "K", and "W"

I would like to create an ice cream flavor to commemorate the birth of our friends' first child. Her initials are AKW, so I'm looking for ingredients that start with those letters (or close). Example: Apple Karamel Walnut

Ben Pagel


Summer O. December 4, 2012
ooops for a kid - skip the wassail.
Summer O. December 4, 2012
Apple pie, key lime, wassail
Kristen W. December 4, 2012
OK, this is a little out there but I think it could actually work: avocado, kokoa (that just doesn't read like "cocoa", does it?), walnut.
pierino December 3, 2012
Amaretto, kiwi, walnut---and call it WiKipediA. I'm trying to stay with flavors that actually work together.
BoulderGalinTokyo December 7, 2012
John Stewart move over- we have Food52 humor!
LLStone December 3, 2012

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LLStone December 3, 2012
Amaretto, kaluha, walnut. I'm thinking this is an adult party!
Bevi December 3, 2012
Asian pear, kiwi, and watermelon sorbet could be the counterpoint to some of the rich, velvety suggestions above.
Ben P. December 3, 2012
Some good ones that haven't been mentioned yet: avocado (if an adventurous child), kumquat, koconut, watermelon, whipped cream
Monita December 3, 2012
How about Anise Koco ( poetic license) and wild berries
Ben P. December 3, 2012
Loving the ideas so far, thanks!

Quick question mothers and/or other knowledgable parties: should I be avoiding nuts (like almond, walnut) in case the child has allergies? Granted, she won't be eating ice cream in the next few months but it'd be a shame if I ended up making her a flavor she could never have...
figgypudding December 3, 2012
Lovely idea! What about Almond, Karamel (too good not to use), and Waffle?

Other ideas apricot, kettle korn, kit kats

Keep us posted on what you come up with!
HalfPint December 3, 2012
Kiwi or Key Lime
White Chocolate
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