Two-ingredients ice cream.

I'm in love with the one-ingredient ice cream,but...(there's always a but!)...if I fell that urge for some chocolate,or if the bananas feel lonely and need the company of friends in the form of some strawberries,will it still work?



Kristen W. August 22, 2012
Love the one-ingredient ice cream as well. I tried adding raspberries to it once and to me it tasted more like a thick smoothie at that point than ice cream. Chocolate might work better. Or perhaps I just added too many raspberries -- who knows?
mensaque August 22, 2012
Hi,guys.I kinda obliterated the info about tomorrow's post on purpose cause I just had to do it today...Thanks, both of you!
Nozlee S. August 22, 2012
Tomorrow's New Veganism post will tackle banana ice cream add ins -- over 10 of them!
chilmarkgal August 22, 2012
It does work with add ins. For chocolate, I usually melt it and then stream it in the food processor chute for stracciatella-style chunks. Strawberries also work well, just make sure they're slightly thawed (a few whole strawberries per banana is good).
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