can the eggs be substituted 4 yr old grandson has severe allergies and eggs is one of the worst...

nana cheryl


Gabriella September 3, 2014
On another note, with some substitutes it might be good to add a1/2 t of baking powder to the recipe to make up for the egg
Gabriella September 3, 2014
Sure you've already solved this one with some of the other great answers, but for the future a great substitute for eggs is chia seeds(1T seeds+2T water and let stand to gel for a few minutes- I think you can also use flax seeds but I have not tried this) it won't be quite as light as an egg for certain things but it has the It has the same consistency and whips fairly well when blended. As a bonus it's a great superfood with tons of vitamins and nutrients. I also had a friend who was allergic to eggs and she would make cookies and substitute eggs for apple sauce and other puréed fruit like bananas or pumpkin or your favorite too.
Nancy September 2, 2014
Another idea for this year - use soft tofu, same liquid volume as the eggs in the recipe, puree or blend, then mix with other liquids. Works in all baking like a charm. Not a good substitute if eggs are used as in pastry, to make an egg wash.
nana C. December 6, 2012
excellent..many thanks!!
Chanelle,Gontarz December 6, 2012
PETA has an online vegan baking cheat-sheet. It helps to know if the eggs are for leavening (like in a soufflé) or for binding (like meatballs).

I would use yogurt, applesauce, or bananas to substitute for the eggs in a cake if you don't stock a normally vegan or health-oriented pantry.
nana C. December 4, 2012
thankyou to all of you for your great suggestions...I will check them all out..
Droplet December 4, 2012
I remembered seeing an eggless baking book awhile back that was written by a lady whose own daughter had severe egg alergies and looks like it is sill in print: Bakin' Without Eggs: Delicious Egg-Free Dessert Recipes from the Heart and Kitchen of a Food-Allergic Family by Rosemarie Emro.
AntoniaJames December 4, 2012
It seems like a vegan baking book would be really helpful for you. I am just getting into vegan baking so I don't have any specific recimmendations. Perhaps others here do. ;o)
Lindsay-Jean H. December 4, 2012
I think I might just look for an apple cake recipe designed to be egg-free, like this one: or this one:
nana C. December 4, 2012
I want to make the Genius Apple Cake that was posted on this website on november 30th.
thanks for asking..
HalfPint December 4, 2012
what are you making?
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