What can I substitute for olives & capers?Severe allergy

I am planning a tasting menu for potential clients and they have asked me to prepare several things that traditionally require olives and/or capers (pate, tapenade, bagels w/lox, etc) That being said, one has a severe allergy to olives (black & green) but isn't allergic to olive oil, the other has a severe allergy to capers and both types of olives, and isn't allergic to olive oil. WHAT CAN I SUBSTITUTE THEM FOR???? I'm close to breaking down

Bailey Jefferies


Bailey J. May 11, 2016
Thank you everyone!
creamtea May 10, 2016
What about something with preserved lemons, minced fine (not-quite-pureed) in the food processor, with something colorful. I recently went to puree some preserved lemons; they have a little more texture than a smooth puree. I stirred some into mayonnaise, but you could instead add some olive oil and other ingredients that are friendly with cured lemons (roasted peppers? parsley?) to make an interesting spread. Go play.
dinner A. May 10, 2016
In pate and on top of bagels with lox, I think something else pickled and green would work well; maybe mild pickled green peppers, or picked asparagus? I like cranberry's idea of an artichoke spread in place of tapenade; it's even artichoke season (although I'd probably start with frozen artichoke hearts for this).
dinner A. May 10, 2016
argh, I mean "pickled asparagus" of course
B A. May 10, 2016
While not the same, if you are looking to replace the saltiness of olives and capers, you can try something like a procuitto or some smoked white fish spread.
cranberry May 10, 2016
Instead of tapenade how about a garlicky purée with artichoke hearts or grilled red pepper or even eggplant - Something of similar texture that serves the same purpose as the tapenade would on your menu.
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