Holiday cookies

Can you turn any cookie dough into a frozen log to slice (assuming they're not too chunky?)



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AntoniaJames December 6, 2012
Any standard cookie dough with butter, sugar, eggs, flour, etc. should work, though you may have trouble slicing doughs with bits of hard chocolate in them. For years, I've been turning any dough that is to be rolled or starts out as a ball to be shaped, e.g., nut crescents, into a square 8" log, which I freeze, and then hack off 1" pieces and then, roll away. I do this with nut crescents, molasses cookies, peanut butter cookies, you name it. Your freezer is your friend when cookie making, in so many ways. ;o) P.S. What doughs did you have in mind?
NakedBeet December 7, 2012
Antonia, I was actually going to use my own (chili chocolate cherry and white chocolate coconut lemon) but was afraid they might be too chunky. I like your idea of doing it as a square, though, and then taking off pieces. Sounds like for these that might be a better shaping process. Might try the vanilla roobois cookie, too. But honestly, there's just not enough time to make all the cookies I want to try! ; ) [molasses, french sable, pfeffernusse]
Omeletta December 6, 2012
As far as i know, yes! I've done it with plenty of different batters and never encountered any problems. It makes for a prettier cookie at times, i think.
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