Christmas brunch

  • Posted by: DerMom
  • December 7, 2012
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amysarah December 13, 2012
I pretty much alternate between homemade cheese blintzes, with homemade applesauce - or apple/pear sauce and sour cream (my grandmother's ethereal blintz recipe,) and my mother's Monte Cristo sandwiches, which she first encountered at the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco in the '60's - basically French toast stuffed with ham and cheese, also served with some variation on applesauce. Bacon, or bacon baked with brown sugar, or sausages, whatever muffins you fancy...good stuff. All part of the ritual. (My daughter already called from college to cast her vote...and also to announce her new kitten would also be spending the holidays with us. It's all good.)
ChefJune December 13, 2012
Last year I made Eggnog Waffles using Ronnybrook's outstanding eggnog. They have been "nominated" for Christmas breakfast again this year. :) served them with some Lamb Merqueza.
Brain H. December 13, 2012
I always make Eggnog French Toast for Christmas brunch. You can use store bought eggnog, and soak thick and slightly stale slices of Challah or brioche bread overnight, then cook up in the morning.
rintheamazing December 8, 2012
I like to make bread pudding in the crockpot overnight for Christmas brunch/breakfast.

This chocolate one is really tasty:
Sam1148 December 7, 2012
From the tag crab. How about a West Indies salad. It seems to be based on a Japaneese Sunomono salad...but is a classic in the gulf coast. Make it the night before.

Add some other things to menu also for brunch. Crusty bread, homemade crackers, articoke dips, Ham.
Eggs can be a problem for brunch..because they really need to made on demand.
Hash browns...get the frozen 'southern style' cube ones and make those. Very easy for a crowd. Or the shredded stuff and make latkes from that product. With sour cream or apple sauce.
Fruit, Bloody mary's, sweet stuff. And of course ham and bacon.
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