The latke contest has me thinking of making these for my traditional day-after-Christmas brunch for the family, but one of my children is gluten-intolerant. What's the best flour/crumb to use in the latke mixture that'll meet her dietary needs?

  • Posted by: Kayb
  • December 2, 2010


Kayb December 4, 2010
Thanks, everyone! The Magic Pickle comes through again!
susan G. December 3, 2010
another thing: the gluten-free blogs are awash with latke recipes -- use "Food Blog Search."
susan G. December 3, 2010
I'm with thirschfeld... I've always made them with no added flour and they're as good as my mother's -- I don't know if she added flour or not.
thirschfeld December 2, 2010
I have never used flour in a latke recipe. The starch from the potatoes, if you use russets, is enough to hold them together. You need to rinse them in water and then squeeze them very dry.
beyondcelery December 2, 2010
Potato flour is also a good substitute; it simply adds to the potato flavor. It should hold together fine with just that as a replacement, but if you have trouble or are using another gluten-free flour, you can add 2 Tbls tapioca flour/starch.
sfmiller December 2, 2010
How about potato starch or, if you don't have that, cornstarch?
POTATO December 2, 2010
I have been baking gluten-free for years and I have made latke's many times. You could simply add brown rice flower in place of the wheat flour and it will come out just as wonderfully (ratio of 1:1). Also, you could use any gluten-free flour mix in place of the wheat flour. I prefer the gf flour mixtures that are mainly brown rice flour, potato starch & tapioca flour. There are some mixtures, that use various bean flours (garbanzo for example) and I would avoid those for latkes.
hardlikearmour December 2, 2010
How about the King Arthur gluten-free flour?
or the Bob's Red Mill gluten-free flour?
JessieLK December 2, 2010
I did this last night for a recipe of 1 dozen and was really surprised with the results. I used 3 tbsp flax + 1/2 cup of water, microwaved for 1 minute to make a "flax egg"- it will reach an egg-like consistency, and completely omitted the flour/bread crumbs and they came out fantastic. I couldn't tell anything was missing.
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