can i put jelly into cake batter



ChefOno December 13, 2012

Congratulations on the win and thanks for that tip. Maybe that was one of the reasons I liked that cake so much.

SeaJambon December 13, 2012
Jelly also works as an EXCELLENT flavor addition to buttercream frosting or icings. Because of the pectin and viscosity of the jelly, you can add it without having to adjust the recipe in other ways to compensate. It is one of my favorite "cheats". I also add jelly as a flavoring to toppings like whipped cream or marscapone cream. Recently won a cooking competition with a "Pomegranate-Orange Marscapone" topping to dark chocolate mousse where the Pom-Orange came from a Pom-Orange jelly.
ChefOno December 12, 2012

You can spread jelly like frosting between layers. The best cake I've ever eaten was done that way, liliko'i jelly, I'll never forget it.

Maedl December 12, 2012
If you are trying to use up jelly, you could make a jelly roll.
boulangere December 11, 2012
I'd suggest perhaps using some type of preserves rather than jelly. I often swirl preserves into muffin batters, so I suspect it would work well in cake batter also. Preserves are going to swirl in better than jelly; think of jelly's "chunky" consistency compared to smoother preserves.
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