Can you use any cake batter recipe to make a roulade/jelly roll/swiss roll?

I am not going to get too crazy, I just want to mess around with my flavors and I don't see anything in a regular roll recipe that is too different than cake recipes meant to be baked in a cake pan?



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ChezHenry October 30, 2014
Whipped egg whites to stiff peaks is the difference, as is less flour per volume of ingredients. Basically you are creating a light omelette, with some flour for support. Stick with a roulade recipe if you want to roll it.
ChefJune October 30, 2014
I thik you'll find the basic sponge rolls best. You can play with flavors all year with that basic. :)
RespectThePastry October 30, 2014
ChefJune..thank you for your reply! I guess I should have said I will probably not be doing the sponge cake route, it is just not my favorite texture and a little finicky at my altitude :( ...think more along the lines of the pumpkin roll or one of those giant Ho Ho cakes!
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