Where can I find recipes for the food they talk about in the Mario Battali book "Heat"?

  • Posted by: Seph
  • September 9, 2010


pierino September 18, 2010
Not to mention the mad, Dante quoting butcher from Chiana who earned some fame from the book.
debs20 September 18, 2010
I feel that credit must be given to the author of "Heat", Bill Buford, and altho Mario is featured heavily in the book, it's really the story of Mr. Buford and his culinary experiences.
pierino September 10, 2010
Babbo is a really terrific book (and also a terrific restaurant). Another of Mario's tomes worth owning is MOLTO ITALIANO which is not so restaurant specific.
Amanda H. September 9, 2010
Seems like The Babbo Cookbook is your best bet. http://amzn.to/btYIqi
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