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Is pizza heathy

asked by a Whole Foods Market Customer about 4 years ago
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added about 4 years ago

It really depends on the toppings, not to mention your own definition of "healthy!" A thin-crust pizza topped with a fresh tomato sauce, modest amount of cheese, and plenty of vegetables could certainly be considered healthy, especially if it's made with a whole grain crust. Of course, portion size is another important factor.

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added about 4 years ago

so here's how I make a fairly healthy pizza topping for crust mentioned by Whole Foods:I dont like pizza sauce since cant abide bay leaf or over-basiled commercial pizza so use a little tomato paste in pan with little bit of chopped tomatoes,water and italian seasonings to taste, spread on crust, top with sauteed mushrooms & spinach in light olive oil, can add some mediterranean olives in water not pickled in brine if you like them, and cover veggies with some low-fat mozzarella. I love it. and again portion size is everything. a couple of small slices with fresh greens salad is a lowfat, low cal alternative. Meats added will blow up salt and fat content.