What's up with good pizza? I really want to make some good pizza but I'm not sure how

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Nancy January 26, 2021
How to get good pizza? Practice, practice, practice.* Expect a few bumps in the road if you're new to bread-making; make pizza about once a week until you can make it in your sleep.
Basics - a basic bread dough, risen once, shaped in a round.
Toppings - for a red pizza, tomato sauce, multi colored vegetables and/or cured meat, grated cheese. For a white pizza - cheeses, optional white vegetables.
Bake - hot (450-500F) for about 15 minutes on a pizza stone or heated pan, like a cast iron frying pan.
Here's a solid recipe to start with. Or use one you already have and like.
* Borrowed from old joke, "how to get to Carnegie Hall?"
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