Recipes for homemade pizza

a Whole Foods Market Customer


dymnyno October 30, 2011
I just finished building a wood burning oven/pizza oven and have become a pizza fanatic. However, I found that the key to a great pizza is the dough. As a novice, I am not ready for the mess of making my own (I know, I know, it will be easy) so I buy the dough at a local pizza parlor or at Whole Foods, which has done it all for me. So that leaves me time to perfect making a thin, perfectly round crust. For toppings, I just use available and fresh ingredients, like fresh mozzarella, figs, my own tomato sauce, and fresh herbs from my garden (not all on the same pizza). And, I have perfected the most wonderful Lobster Pizza which I will share.
boulangere October 29, 2011
Here's one that works well for me:
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