I'm looking for some recipe ideas to prepare for a toga party -- other than greek salad of course :) Any and all suggestion are welcome.



em-i-lis January 5, 2013
zucchini and feta fritters? yum!
Bevi January 5, 2013
Keeping the thought that many people of the region wore togas back in the day, please check out this blog: http://figandquince.com

The author attended our food52 book party, and she is a delightful person who has compiled recipes that are indigenous to the region.
susan G. January 1, 2013
I got a magazine today, La Cucina Italiana, at my local small town supermarket. It has some recipes for desserts that look wonderful, some of them dating back to Roman times. It's worth looking for.
midnightfire January 1, 2013
Thank you to everyone who responded to this question! So many great ingredient ideas, recipes, and inspiration for decorations :) I will do my best to remember to snap a photo and post to this thread.
Maedl December 30, 2012
If you google 'ancient Mediterranean recipes' you will find lots of ideas. Think of quinces, pomegranates, quince paste, grapes, breads, honey, lentils, lamb or mutton, fish, wine for menu ideas. And by all means find some anchovy sauce, AKA garum, to use as a condiment. I found some in an Italian wine shop, but it is available on Amazon as well.
chasey December 30, 2012
Stuffed grape leaves, baklava, babaganoush (sp?), tabbouleh, taramouselata, also goat cheese wrapped in rosemary drenched in lemon juice stuck under a broiler. Yum!!
nutcakes December 30, 2012
How about some ancient Roman recipes?
lloreen December 30, 2012
I suggest large platters of grapes so that you can feed each other while lounging.

Dates stuffed with Parmesan....moussaka is an easy main course...serve with flat bread and a salad....
And lots of wine, of course.
bigpan December 30, 2012
You say "other than Greek (salad)"...I would suggest history states that all peoples in the Med. in those days wore togas. So, you can consider Italian or mid-eastern dishes too (Turkish?).
Nothing wrong with going full toga style and have only (steak) knives at the dinner table...NO forks. Serve platters of whole roast chicken or pork or whatever and have guests carve off pieces for themselves. Have side platters of veg, chopped large so they can be stabbed. Have a platter of fresh fruit (apples, oranges, mangos, etc) that the guests have to carve themselves. Try to get metal or ceramic wine goblets instead of glass. Wine in pitchers instead of bottles.
We did this style as a staff party one time and it was a great success once everyone knew the rules - hack off your own drumstick !
Yes, their hands will get sticky, so have lots of napkins on hand, and through your kindness you can have finger bowls too.
Download some old mediterannean music to play.
Lost_in_NYC December 30, 2012
Orzo pasta salad, grilled/baked halomi cheese, chicken skewers with tzatikizi (sp?) sauce, baklava
babytiger December 30, 2012
spanakopita, lamb lollipops
AAC December 29, 2012
1cup feta cheese
1cup chopped black or Kalimata olives
1cup chopped roasted red pepper
Artichoke bottoms

Stir together first 3 ingredients and place a couple of tablespoons of the mix into each artichoke bottom. Place under broiler until slightly browned on top.

Easy and delicious.
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