Plums in Vodka - How long will they store?

I've foolishly let a few Mason jars of plums soaked in Vodka with a bit of sugar sit in my pantry for 2? 3? years. I'd like to try and use the vodka and maybe even bake with the plums but don't want to kill anyone in the process - the jars were simply closed, never properly canned, as I didn't think they'd last this long. Any thoughts?

Many Thanks!



darabekah January 3, 2013
@Pegeen, so next summer there can be a new batch of Slivovitz, and the current stuff will have to be chalked up to experience. Thanks for your insight!
Pegeen January 2, 2013
@darabekah - Sorry, I realize I didn't answer your question. (I was just so excited to remember that article!) I'm not an expert but doubt very much that it's safe to eat either the liquid or the plums if they weren't done with safe canning methods. Better to be safe than sorry, so DON'T consume!
Pegeen January 2, 2013
Congratz - you've made slivovitz (well, you're on your way to it). MrsWheelbarrow, a long-time contributor to this site, is the author of this article from The Washington Post. The recipe (link is at end of article)
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