How do I sprout lentils?

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1 Comment

trampledbygeese January 4, 2013
Start with whole dry lentils. Wash them really, really well. Check for rocks. Soak them in cool water overnight. Then sprout them like you would any other grain or pulse:

There are many different methods, but I like to use an old Mason Jar with a bit of cheese cloth. Drain the soaked lentils, give them a rinse, then put in the jar and cover the opening with the cheese cloth (use the metal band or an elastic band to secure the cloth). Make sure the lentils are well drained and put the jar in a dark place. Some people even keep the jar upside down in a slightly larger bowl, so that it drains better, though I don't find it makes a difference.

At least twice a day give the lentils a rinse, more often is fine, and drain well. After a day or two, you should notice the little tails sprouting out of the lentils. Keep going until they are sprouted enough for your recipe (usually about 2 or 3 cm/1 inch).

Note, some lentils may be treated with chemicals or radiated so that they won't sprout. It's rare, but it does happen sometimes. If you can, try for organic lentils.
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