Are green lentils and French lentils the same thing?



Thomas December 6, 2017
Puy lentils are green, not brown.
sonya August 10, 2015
What ChefJune said :) If you can't find the French lentils, you can substitute the other green ones, or even brown ones.

Green lentils are the most sturdy, then brown; red will fall apart sooner. I found some information from Cook's Illustrated as well (2006): “These French lentils have a firm texture, and they retain their shape better than other varieties. Lentilles du Puy are prized by cooks for how well they hold their shape; however, if they are overcooked, they will disintegrate quickly. The best way to check for lentil doneness is to bite into a small amount. They are done when they have a tender texture with a bit of bite."

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mvangraaf July 28, 2015
Thanks, everyone.

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ChefJune July 28, 2015
French green lentils are the same as Le Puy lentils from France. Not all green lentils are Le Puy.
Greenstuff July 27, 2015
Yes, they are the same variety. Lentils from the French area around Le Puy (Lens esculenta puyensis) are classified as green lentils, not brown. "French green" lentils are generally the same variety as the lentils from Le Puy, but they have been grown elsewhere.
Denise July 27, 2015
Green lentils are. Very. Popular. In. France.but. So. Are. 'Puy' lentils. Which. Are. Brown.more. Expensive. In. A. Recipe. That. Suggests French lentils I would. Go. For. Green.It. Would. Merely. Suggest. You. Want. Ones. That. Retain. Their. Shape and. Do not. Dissolve. Into. Mush.
Thomas December 6, 2017
Puy lentils are green, not brown.
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